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• 2000-2004 independent storyboard artist of advertising projects and visual productions (cinema, press, TV)
• Represented by Surcouf Production (Boulogne-Billancourt) then by Carole Lambert (Paris 16th)
• Taught advertising design, Créapole school, Paris.
• Taught Ethnology, IRTS, Neuilly sur Marne
• 2001 DOCTORATE in Ethnology and Social and Cultural Anthropology; Paris 7 University.
• Publication: "L'univers dessiné des story-boardeurs", collection Ethnologie(s) en herbe, Paris 7, Laboratory EMC (study of contemporary life).

• 2007 Salon of French Artists, Grand Palais, Paris 8th
• January 2008, (permanent collection) Galerie Jean-Christophe Robert, Honfleur
• June 2008, Carrousel du Louvre exhibition, Paris
• October 2008, exhibition Galerie de Medicis, Place des Vosges, Paris
• March 2010, Publication “The pictorial ethnography of Corinne Boucher”
• June 2010, Exhibition SM'ART Salon
• June 2011, Prize of the Musée des Invalides, Salon des Invalides, Paris.
• Represented by Cozy Life Collection, Fort Lauderdale, Miami
• Represented by Galerie Gilles Febvre, Lyon, Geneva
• 2015, Galerie Noir sur Blanc, Marrakech
• 2016, Galerie Keroman, Lorient
• 2016, Galerie Rustinoff, Saint Paul de Vence ART 3F
• 2018, Galerie de Normandie, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.

Corinne Boucher's Pictorial Ethnography

"Everything about my personal, academic (Doctor of Ethnology) and professional (storyboard artist) journey has led me towards the creation of this pictorial style. Ethnology and its empathetic view of human cultures, the storyboard and its camera eye… I have always wanted to paint stories that emphasize the exoticism of everyday life. I take all the codes of historical painting (perspective, anatomy, light, movement) and adapt it to our contemporary gaze (many influenced by cinematographic codes). The human being and movement are at the centre of my malleable discourse which I make accessible at first glance by its very realistic appearance. Through the imperfection of the hand, I give way to the (collective) unconscious of the viewer; the latter holding the social codes to recompose, in his mind, the illusion of truth. "


Who are you? What's your background?
I am an ethnologist painter or painter of ethnology, depending on your point of view...
I think I can say that this title sums up my career and my passions. My personal practice was initially shaped by 3 French universities (Rennes, Brest and Paris 7) the last one earned me the title of Doctor of Ethnology and Anthropology. Secondly, I was trained in advertising drawing (rough and storyboard).
Through this position, I learned a lot about drawing techniques, about pictorial writing ... this was one step away from becoming a painter.

What do you create? What are your favourite materials?
I create ethnographies painted on linen canvas and my favourite medium is acrylic ... as matt as possible ... I choose acrylic for its resistance of course, but also because it is an expression of our society and of its technological advancement.
I wish my painting to be a contemporary painting in the broadest sense of the word.

What inspires you?
Painting allows me to talk about present everyday life. How we move around these places created by man, how we experience our intimacies ... I have three research themes that I have named "pictorial ethnography", "the passage", "the nap". The first category; speaks of the anonymity of the street, the second; where we meet other people in semi-intimacy and finally, the third; evokes moments of pure intimacy, the encounter with oneself.
I hope that over time my painting will speak to everyone; about our history and testify to the passing of time, and the evolution of space.

How do you distribute your creations?
I prefer to showcase my work at my studio-gallery which is based in Pont-Aven, I also have the website for my workshop, which is alive and opens on to the actual gallery. I am permanently represented in Honfleur by JC Robert who endorses my approach and promotes figurative painting more widely.
I also try to exhibit in Paris once a year, through an official show or a gallery. I am extremely vigilant with regard to the places I choose to exhibit.

What are your future plans?
I hope soon to have a workshop abroad, in another place, to be inspired by the flow and to return to Pont-Aven with new resources. It is important to be in possession of all your energetic potential, to give strength and plenitude to your painting. It is, in part, what I wish to transmit through my paintings to the audience.
The book I have just published is full of quotes that help me build myself, they are quotes from painters, ethnologists and philosophers. When I paint, I like to accompany myself with the voices of French culture as opposed to music. So, to choose one quote is difficult, as I would not wish it to summarise myself in this way, or more precisely to limit myself...

"It's like love, everything depends on what the artist can unconsciously project onto everything he looks at, it is the quality of this projection that gives life".

I think that the profession of a painter, is a profession that enhances life and I hope to do so every day with the greatest conscience.



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